Diblong Epimedium Ginseng Lady Chocolate 16gr x 12


Diblong Lady Chocolate

Unique chocolate experience for both genders, with 24g of energy-boosting ingredients. Contains ginseng, epimedium, cocoa, and more. Promotes sexual performance and provides a 48-hour erection effect when consumed 30 minutes before intercourse. Advised not to exceed recommended dosage, avoid alcohol consumption with it. Herbal, not medicinal, for dietary supplementation only.

Diblong Epimedium Ginseng Lady Chocolate is 16 grams and sold in packs of 12.

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Diblong Epimedium Ginseng Lady Chocolate

Diblong chocolate delights taste buds with a unique experience beyond regular chocolate. Suitable for both men and women, it is specifically packaged for women with a pink label labeled “Lady.” Diblong Lady Chocolate is known for providing 24g of energy-boosting chocolate. Its content includes ginseng and epimedium extract, cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa powder, milk powder, whey powder, nuts, sesame, ginger, and natural vanilla flavor. It also contains trace amounts of peanut components and emulsifiers. Produced primarily to boost energy, this chocolate eliminates concerns related to sexual intercourse when consumed before the act. It also brings about a prolonged erection lasting 48 hours. One 24-gram piece of chocolate should be consumed 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, and the recommended amount should not be exceeded. Due to containing trace amounts of caffeine and lactose, it is advised not to consume it with alcohol. These chocolates are purely herbal and do not have medicinal properties. They are categorized as dietary supplements and should not be used to prevent diseases. They can be stored in a dry and moisture-free area for an extended period.

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