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Turkish tea is an indispensable part of Turkish cuisine. With its unique brewing technique, special presentation, and freshly brewed taste, it is recognized worldwide. Turkish tea is not just a beverage, but also a cultural heritage and a part of social interaction.

How is Turkish tea made, and what are the tricks to brewing it? The preparation of Turkish tea is an art in itself. First, quality tea leaves are chosen. Then, using a double-tiered special teapot, preparations begin. While water is boiled in the lower pot, tea leaves are added to the upper pot. The boiling water is poured over the tea leaves in the upper pot, and it's allowed to steep. The ideal steeping time is about 15-20 minutes. The brewed tea is poured to fill about a third or half of a glass, and the remainder is topped up with boiling water.

Turkish tea goes beyond just being a beverage. Traditionally, it is served during breakfasts, family visits, friendly chats, and all kinds of social gatherings. The joy of having a cup of tea by the sea, in a garden, or on a balcony is incomparable.

Internationally, Turkish tea continues to gain recognition. With its fresh, refreshing, and natural aroma, this beverage continues to win the hearts of tea lovers. If you visit Turkey, it is highly recommended that you enjoy a cup of Turkish tea in a tea garden and experience this cultural ritual.