Diblong Ginseng Coffee 10g x 4


Diblong Ginseng Coffee

Diblong Ginseng Coffee 10g is a special coffee designed for those looking to enjoy a hot cup of coffee before sexual activity. It contains high-quality ginseng and advanced extraction technology, providing both a unique flavor and aroma. Consuming one cup of this coffee 45 minutes before sexual activity is recommended to boost sexual and mental energy. It can be brewed like Turkish coffee and promises not to disappoint, leaving a delightful taste in your mouth.

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Diblong Ginseng Coffee 10g 4-pack

Diblong coffee is offered for those who wish to enjoy a hot coffee before sexual intercourse. Each sip of Diblong ginseng coffee, weighing 10 grams, has a distinct flavor and aroma. It can be brewed using the same method as Turkish coffee. Consuming one cup is sufficient. It is recommended to be consumed 45 minutes before sexual intercourse. With the highest quality ginseng and advanced extraction technology, this coffee allows you to both boost your sexual energy and store mental energy, enabling you to concentrate more intensely on any task you undertake. This coffee will never leave you halfway and leaves a pleasant taste on your palate.

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