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Turkish coffee is an essential delight in Turkish cuisine. With its distinctive brewing technique, special presentation, and rich flavor, it's a globally recognized beverage. Turkish coffee is not only a drink but also a cultural heritage and a part of social interaction.

How to prepare Turkish coffee? The preparation of Turkish coffee is quite unique. Firstly, coffee beans are finely ground into a powder. Then, in a special pot called "cezve," water and coffee grounds are mixed. Optionally, sugar can be added, and the mixture is simmered over low heat until it froths. Once the foam forms, the coffee is poured into a cup and often served with water or Turkish delight on the side.

Turkish coffee goes beyond being a mere beverage. Traditionally, it's offered during family visits, friendly conversations, and special occasions. Additionally, the tradition of fortune-telling is intertwined with Turkish coffee. The patterns formed inside the cup, when it's turned upside down onto the saucer, are interpreted, reflecting a tradition that has passed down through generations.

Turkish coffee continues to maintain its popularity on the international stage. This slowly brewed, strong, and intensely flavored beverage continues to captivate coffee enthusiasts. If you visit Turkey, indulging in Turkish coffee and experiencing this cultural ritual is highly recommended.