Welcome to Shoopium’s Privacy Policy. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

Collection of Personal Information collects certain personal details (such as name, age, interests, email, etc.) to offer a higher quality service to its users. Shoopium uses this data exclusively in-house for periodic promotional campaigns, to design specific promotional activities, and to filter out unwanted emails.

No Sharing of Data

Shoopium does not share, use for commercial purposes, or sell the membership data it collects. There will be no sharing of this data without the user’s knowledge or consent.

Visitor Analytics

When you visit our website, your activities and preferences are analyzed and interpreted. These analyses do not contain personal information and are considered purely statistical data. This data can be shared with Shoopium’s business partners to provide a more tailored shopping experience.

Surveys and Feedback

Responses to surveys are entirely at your discretion. These responses, within the limits specified, can be considered as statistical data and might be shared with third parties.

Payment Security

During payment, the credit card details you provide are not stored on or its service providers’ servers for utmost security. As a result, all payment transactions securely occur between the Shoopium interface, the bank, and your computer.