Çaykur Kamelya Turkish Black Tea

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Çaykur Kamelya Turkish Black Tea

Çaykur Kamelya Turkish Black Tea leaves a soft and mild taste on the palate. It’s generally an ideal type of tea for breakfast.

Çaykur Kamelya Turkish Black Tea is produced from the highest quality tea plants. It’s prepared by fermenting the leaves that are air-dried for a couple of days. During fermentation, the tea’s grains break down, giving the leaves a distinct aroma. After fermentation, the tea leaves are roasted. This method results in a specially fragrant tea.

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Çaykur Kamelya Tea 1000gr

With its gentle taste and pleasant aroma, it will add a unique enjoyment to your breakfasts; it’s a natural tea.

If you want to keep your dry tea fresh for a long time, it is recommended to store it in a sealed box, away from moisture and odor.

Usage Recommendations:

  • To preserve the traditional aroma and fragrance of Çaykur tea, it’s essential to use water that is free of limescale.
  • For brewing Çaykur tea to its perfect color and aroma in every cup, use 2 tea spoons of Çaykur tea for each tea cup.
  • Place the teapot on top of the tea kettle, reduce the heat of the stove, and let it steep for 13 – 15 minutes.
  • To truly savor the taste of Çaykur tea, it should be consumed within half an hour and can be steeped again as desired.
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